Soul Carnival for Women

Take a quiet journey
From your hurried hectic pace
And give yourself a break,
From every worry you face…

CALLING ALL WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE from the West to top up on …
Energy, Love, Luck, Magic and Beauty … at the Soul Carnival for Women

Make new buddies, extend your family, meet your mirror image; sometimes on the other side of the world … connect with your Soul Sisters

Through the Soul Carnival for Women, we invite you to an exciting experiential journey to connect with your soul sisters in India. Let us meet, travel together as we explore new depths of our being and reach amazing heights of spiritual growth.  

Some glimpses of what is in store for you…

A tryst with nature ~ walk in the clouds to visit ancient caves, swirling rivers, enjoy unpolluted country air, lush greenery and quiet solitude

An enriching experience with horses and dogs ~ riding demonstrations and natural horsemanship, dog whispering, learning basics of horse riding, hiking with dogs

Interactive cookery ~ cooking demonstrations by expert chefs and creative home makers ~ delectable exotic lip-smacking meals to awaken your taste buds

Art explorations ~ enjoy watching talented artists in action and let your own creativity flow

Live country music ~ listen to lively musicians as they transport you to the nostalgia of yester-years and join in if you please!

Barbeque and campfire ~ under the stars to rekindle your sense of adventure

Gossip and chat sessions ~ in the comfort of warm homes with cups of green herb tea and soft soothing music

Movie nights and coffee dates ~ to release those emotions and dip into your souls

Travel Caravans ~ to exotic destinations in Rural India, Urban Cities, Heritage Spots, Natural Reserves, Colourful Fairs and more 

Working side by side with Change Agents ~ making the difference that matters, experiencing the challenges faced by humanity and the environment

Explore the hectic life on streets of modern India ~ shopping to your heart’s content, bargaining for a win-win deal, chatting with people from diverse realities

Come with an open mind & a warm heart, return with a dancing soul!

Join the Soul Carnival now! Email reenaginwala(at)

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