Mumma Says,

“BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS AND HAVE FAITH IN TOMORROW… IF NOT TODAY … I forbid you to have it any other way”

Mumma says,
Give your Mind rest and feed your Heart with Soul food... Don't worry, be happy ... because I said so!!

Mumma also says,
Balance yourself … stand on one foot and focus on your breath … first thing in the morning now your world will not go topsy turvy :)

And then, Mumma says,
Thank you for your words in ... Mother – An incarnation of Hope
"She is
… the engineer of our dreams …
…the encouragement that’s needed for us to strive for the impossible
… the courage instilled into each one of us …
... the smile that can radiate more warmth than the Sun …"

I believe a Mother is -

… the one that holds up the mirror when you are searching for a hero.

 … the one that urges you to slow down and enjoy the journey.

… the one that’s holding the trophy at any given time cause she knows you are a winner.

… the one who prays silently and whose breath stops each time she hears you sounding low …

… the one who waits and watches from nearby when you struggle to come into your own...

And its the most difficult thing to do because she loves you … and believes in you … and is there for you now and forever … n … ever …!

Love you, 
believe in you, 
with you always and forever!!

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