Soulful Parenting

We become parents by default. Today we know better than to take our role of parenting for granted. Otherwise, the joyful opportunities for celebration and growth pass us by and the threats loom larger than they actually may be.

Did we know ...
... Parenting would be such a unique opportunity to witness the life of our own precious creation
… A driving force for all the choices we make
… An event that makes our lives a combination of ups and downs, pulls and pushes at such an intimate and intense level that parenting is no longer a phenomenon of choice


‘Once a parent always a parent’ - Our energy, skill sets, conditioning, creativity and innovation define our own experience and the impact we make on our children.  

No parent is perfect and all children will have to overcome some setbacks and implications of their upbringing.

However, can we take parenting lightly; can we take it for granted? Do we have to be hyper or driven by our conditioning and fears and base our parenting times as ‘make the most of the situation' times? 

Or would we like to parent our kids from a space of wonder, joy, knowing, creativity, confidence, and hope? 

If yes, let‘s learn the skills of Deep Listening, Unconditional Love, Authentic Communication and more. Let us improve our ability to connect from the heart, cultivate innovative and thinking minds as we tune into the ultimate source of Spirituality – our Universal Parent – Let our actions stem from love rather than fear.

When our kids fly off to their own destinations on their chosen paths … what would we like to feel? 

I'd aim for joy, pride, satisfaction, gratitude, excitement, hope, love, detachment, confidence, trust, faith, connection...        

Instead if we feel – regret, fear, discomfort, disconnect, a sense of loss, shame or distrust; it has a huge impact on our health and well-being. Why carry the burden of blocks and regrets in our hearts and desensitize our self to the pain and hopelessness?

However let us remember, nothing is lost and when we learn to connect and communicate from the heart, the turn around is inevitable and healing is immense as well as invaluable. Start afresh and rekindle your hearts with new energy, new found skills of compassionate communication and soulful parenting from the heart.

Let's plan an inter-active workshop on 
A new beginning in the space of Dreamweaver Parenting        
Creative Parenting – from problem solving to tapping into our child's potential                                                     
From manipulation to co-creation; 
From dependence to collaboration; 
From stuckness to liberation or a free flow;
From mourning to celebration and more!

It’s possible, you can do it – Open your hearts, trust the universe to receive you as you are and heal your world to create a new space to play in, explore with and celebrate Soulful Parenting from the Heart

Thank you for your time and openness.    
Please email me if you would like to know more at reenaginwala(at) 

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