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 घणा दिन सो लियो रे, अब तो जाग मुसाफिर जाग
मोह मद में फंस गया तू, 
भूल गया सब कौल

Since long you have been sleeping,
Wake up Oh! Traveller
Entangled in the worldly ties,
You have forgotten your purpose,
Wake up Oh! Traveller

 Ghana Din So Liyo Re, Ab To Jaag Musaafir Jaag,
Moh Mudd Mein Phas Gaya, Aur Bhul Gaya Sab Kaul 

निंदक नियरे राखियेआंगन कुटि छवाय,
बिन पानीबिन साबुन केनिर्मल करे सुभाय 

Keep a critic near you, 
Set up a home for him in your courtyard! 
He washes you clean, 
Without soap and water

Nindak Nyare Raakhiye, Angan Kuti Chhavay,
Bin Paani, Bin Sabun Ke, Nirmal Kare Subhaay

धीरे धीरे रे मनाधीरे सब कुछ होय
माली सींचे सौ घड़ाऋत आये फल होय 

Slowly Oh! So Slowly my mind, 
Everything happens in its own time
Even if the gardener waters the plant with a hundred pots,
It bears fruits in the appropriate season
Dheere Dheere Re Manaa, Dheere Sab Kuchh Hoye,
Maali Seenche Sau Ghaada, Rutu Aaye Phal Hoye

बड़ा हुआ तो क्या हुआ, जैसे पेड़ खजुर, 
पंथी को छाया नहीं,  फल लागे अति दूर

So what if you are big,
Like the date palm;
It gives no shade to the traveller 
Nor are its fruits within reach

Badaa Bhaya To Kya Bhaya, Jaise Ped Khajur,
Panthi Ko Chhaya Nahin, Phal Laage Ati Dur

इस घट भीतर बाग बगीचायेही में सिरजनहारा 
इस घट भीतर सात समुंदरयेही में नव लख तारा,कहे कबीर सुनो भाइ साधोयेही में गुरु हमारा,

Within this body are the gardens,
And also the gardener
Within body are the seven seas, 
And the magnificent stars
Says Kabir, pay heed to my words,
Our teacher is also found within

Is Ghat Bheetar Baag Bageeche, Yehi Mein Sirjanhara,
Is Ghat Bheetar Saat Samundar, Yehi Mein Navlakh Taara,
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Saadho, Yehi Mein Guru Hamara

पोथी पढ़ पढ़ जग मुआ, पंडित भया न कोय.
ढाई आखर प्रेम का,  पढ़े सो पंडित होय

Many books have been read,
But none has become a 'Pundit' - a wise one!
The one who 'reads' the word Love,
Is considered to be a true Pundit!

Pothi Padh Padh Jug Mua, Pandit Bhaya Na Koi,
Dhai Akshar Prem Ka, Padhe So Pandit Hoye

साधु भूखा प्रेम काधन का भूखा नाहि,
धन का भूखा जो फिरेसो तो साधु नाहि

A true saint is hungry for love,
Not for wealth
The one who is hungry for wealth;
Is not a true saint

Sadhu Bhukha Prem Ka, Dhun Ka Bhukha Nahi,
Dhun Ka Bhukha Jo Phire, So to Sadhu Nahi

 बुरा जो देखन मैं चला, बुरा न मिलीया कोइ
जो दिल  खोजा  आपना, मुझसा बुरा न कोइ

I set out looking for evil,
I could find no evil;
When I looked within myself,
No on was more evil than I

Bura Jo Dekhan Mein Chala, Bura Na Miliya Koi,
Man Dekha Jub Aapna, Mujhse Bura Na Koi

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging response!!

  2. Wonderful Job Reena....where do i buy?

  3. Dear Reenaben,

    It was an amazing experience to be part of the reveling event of Kabir Samagri at Natrani. I was being helped for the on-going spiritual journey....

    1. Thank you Sejal, We will celebrate Kabir Utsav again in Amdavad from 12th till 16th Feb 2014. It is an honour to have the presence of other khojis like yourself at the satsang!!

  4. useful to explore self

  5. Thanks Reena . We are together in this

    N. Madhavan Kutty

  6. You can get Kabir Saamagri from http://shop.gaatha.com/kabir-samagri

  7. Your workshop was Divine. You have surely been guided and inspired by something Deeper and Higher!

  8. The combination of music, published poetry in English and hindi is just fantastic

  9. The whole package is excellent.

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    1. Glad you liked it Padmini... Kabir Inspires me to be authentic, inclusive and compassionate